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Thank you for agreeing to distribute the Jesus Film DVDs. This story from the Gospel of Luke, in the heart language of the viewer, has played a key part in bringing millions of people to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior. Our estimate is that 10 people view each DVD handed out and at least one chooses to accept Jesus.

Thank you for joining in this ministry with us. We request a donation of at least $1.00 per DVD to defray our cost of DVDs and shipping. If you don’t have resources for this, please order the DVDs and we will look for another donor willing to cover the costs.   You can enter your donation amount in a special field in the shopping cart.  For example;

You can request DVDs in more than 160 of the most widely spoken languages on this web site. The film has been translated into 1500 languages. If you can’t locate the language you are seeking here, please go to www.JesusFilm.org for additional translations.

Your feedback is cherished! Let us know how you have used the DVDs and what the results of your distribution are. Please send any feedback to us at info@ChristForAllPeoples.org.


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