Thank you for considering financial involvement with Christ for All Peoples. Your gift will help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those from other countries who are residing in our cities and neighborhoods, and will specifically be used to supply Gospel materials (the multi-language DVDs), and provide training and travel for those engaged in helping prepare volunteers for lay evangelism in cross-cultural settings. We pray you will join with us in these efforts, and that God will bless your participation abundantly.  For more details on these opportunities, please contact us directly.



  1. ONLINE: You may make a secure donation online by clicking here.
  2.  SMARTPHONE: If you would like to donate using your phone click here.
  3. CHECKS:  A check may be mailed directly to us at
    Christ for All Peoples
    PO Box 77495
    Charlotte, NC 28271-7011
  4. APPRECIATED SECURITIES:  There are significant tax benefits in giving gifts of appreciated securities such as stocks or bonds.  – please click here for detailed information.
  5. OTHER GIFTS: If you desire to leave a legacy gift or give gifts other than cash, we are very appreciative and will accommodate you in this regard – please contact us for more information.)

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Please indicate a designation from the list
on the left.  Please make checks payable to
“Christ for All Peoples” and send to:

Christ for All Peoples, Inc.
P.O. Box 77495
Charlotte, NC  28271-7011

All contributions to Christ for All Peoples are deductible for income tax purposes (a 501(c) (3) organization) and are for use in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with those coming to the United States from other countries. No goods or services are exchanged for your tax-deductible gift. Any contribution is made with understanding that Christ for All Peoples, Inc. has complete control and administration over the use of the donated funds.

If you send a gift of appreciated stock, you may gain a substantial tax benefit. You may be able to deduct the appreciated value of the stock and avoid any capital gains tax on that stock. If you would like to give in this way, or any other way through a donation of land or other personal asset, please call us at 704-684-1535 or email at

Thank you again for your help in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with those who haven’t yet heard!

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