What does Christ For All Peoples do?

Christ For All Peoples is a, non-denominational, faith based, non-profit 501-(c)3 organization located in Charlotte North Carolina. Founded in 2007 by mission minded Christians who focus on bringing the love of Jesus Christ to immigrants. Christ for All Peoples partners with local Christians across America, Canada and Europe to cast vision to, train and equip them to reach immigrants with highly effective evangelism and discipleship tools used overseas.

We use foreign language Bibles, tracts and media. One of the most effective tools of evangelism is the JESUS film. This film has now been translated into over 1300 languages by the Jesus Film Project. For more information click here.

How do I get started inspreading the message?

Each outreach effort generally starts with one person who has a heart for Evangelism. This then expands to small groups, church Evangelism committees and Youth Groups.

We have provided many resource to help with this effort and are willing to commit staff and resources to help. Click here to submit your interest. There is a document with detailed instructions that should help you expand on your vision.

Taking A Short Term Mission Trip?

Short term Mission Trips are not only an opportunity to engage in projects that show the love of Christ, but are an excellent opportunity to share the message of salvation with non-English speaking people. In addition to showing the Jesus Film to groups of people, distributing Jesus Film DVDs will leave a message behind that can be viewed and shared many times over.

The best way to identify the languages you need to take is to ask the in-country people hosting your trip for the common languages that are spoken in the area. All of the DVDs contain an English translation.

Jesus Film Media has a good interactive map that will allow you to identify the country you are visiting and the languages spoken there.

You can order 22 different DVDs from this web site that contain 160 of the most common languages.
Click here to view selection of DVD/Languages

How do I locate immigrants in my area?

Immigrants tend to cluster in center city housing and apartment projects. Center city church leaders are a good source to identify these areas.

If you want more specific data on families that speak a language, other than English in their homes,
The Mapping Center is an outstanding resource that can identify specific addresses in a given radius from any point in the U.S.

How do I find a DVD with a language not on this web site?

Christ For All peoples maintains an inventory of 22 DVDs which include 160 translations. We provide these at a minimal, or no cost to individuals or groups who agree to reach out to immigrants in their community. You may order these videos in our online store.

The best source for digital downloads (used on cell phones, projection equipment, Wi-Fi hot spot devices) is Jesus Film Media. If the translation is not available on this web site, www.jesusfilm.org has the film translated into over 1300 languages.

How can I help support Christ For All Peoples?

● Pray that individuals, groups, and churches will catch the vision and commit to partner with us to take the Gospel to our local communities and the corners of the earth.
● Pray that Muslims will continue to see dreams and visions of Jesus and be open to receiving him as their Savior.
● Pray that Christ For All Peoples will receive the financial support needed to share God’s message of Salvation through Jesus Christ with every Muslim and immigrant in America. [Donate]
● Pray that our Partner Ministries will be blessed and protected in the mission fields that they serve.
● Pray that our staff and volunteers will continue their commitment reaching people who speak English as a second language.

Get Involved

● Make a personal commitment to give the Jesus Film to immigrants you meet in the course of your day.
● Engage the Christian groups you belong to, to join you in distributing DVDs.
● Organize your church and other groups to complete outreach events.
● Distribute the Jesus Film on short term mission trips

Support with Donations
● Make a personal commitment to a monthly donation to the ministry.
● Encourage organizations, you belong to, to direct Evangelism contributions to Christ For a All Peoples.
● Include a contribution to the ministry in your will.

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