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October 5, 2017
…so much to share with you.


October 2017
Wake up America!


September 2017
Let me tell you what happened!


July 5, 2017
Behind Security Barricades in NYC


July 2017
A miracle is needed….


June 2017
In the midst of so much turmoil, there is great hope!


April 2017
Tell your neighbors and church: “Wake up…”


March 2017
In the most dangerous places…


February 2017
Picture in your mind that you are an immigrant family…


Loving All Neighbors


Christmas Outreach Instructions

User friendly trips on how to share Christ with international people in your community.

Reaching Immigrants in Your Community

This white paper describes steps you need to take and the resources available to you. It includes discussions on outreach by individual members, a group of members and a mission project.




Outreach Map
How you can reach local immigrants.

New Contributor Request Letter
Muslim immigrants are claiming the U.S. as theirs…yet I write with very good news.

Christ For All Peoples Tri-fold Brochure
There are over 66 million immigrants in the U.S. who need us to tell them of Jesus.

Christ For All Peoples Bookmark – Pray for Us

Christ For All Peoples Bookmark – Donate

Reaching Out to Immigrants

Blank Event Invitation (MS Word)

Roll-up Banner



DVD Lobby Display


Make Disciples...

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“I came across your ‘The Life of Jesus Christ’ DVD while using a pay phone in Queens, NY. I took the DVD home with me to watch; I was very pleased with it. My fellow women housemates viewed it and everyone was very joyous about the film. They’d like to get additional copies! I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you and God Bless.”

(Some names and locations have been changed for security reasons)


Queens, NY

“Jim and I were sharing one Friday evening in North Carolina and stopped by a shop to get some coffee.We entered the store and began a conversation with the clerk who was new to the country. After a few minutes of friendly, light conversation, I offered him a copy of the English-Arabic New Testament containing the Gospel of Jesus. Mahmood was hesitant at first, but then took the small book. I told him we’d be interested in knowing what he thought after he read some of it, with the intent to return.A few minutes later we left and went to the car. As we started to back out of the parking space, Mahmood hurriedly came out of the store to our car. I rolled down the window, and Mahmood asked earnestly,’Will you come back?’ We promised we would.”

(Some names and locations have been changed for security reasons)

Karen Osgood

Wilmington, NC

en English

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