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Christ for All People’s Women’s Connection is active across the nation, building friendships and reaching out in loving kindness to ethnic ladies God has brought our way! We are grateful for the incredible opportunity God has given us to meet these special women, and to invest in their new lives in the U.S.

We invite Christian Women, Groups, Organizations and Church Ministries to join our team of volunteers as we share the freedom -giving message of the Gospel and invest in these ladies from all around the world, whom the Lord loves and calls to know Him.
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  • Become a Connector! Let us assist you in finding ways to befriend ethnic women in your area and to share the Gospel message with them.
  • Develop a “Connecting Point Team” in your area! These are teams of women focused on befriending the 40- 75,000 refugees who arrive annually in the US. This might include hosting a “practice your English meeting”, aiding these women in learning their way around their new area, or settling into their new home. The overall goal is to build friendships, assist, and most importantly, share the Gospel while doing this. As we build friendships with ethnic ladies new to the US, their felt needs soon arise!

“Student Outreach Teams” are teams of women focused on simply building relationship and investing in International Students on thousands of College Campuses across the US. These teams “hang out” on college campuses at a set time weekly, meet and get to know students, all while sharing Jesus Film DVDs in the student’s native language. These teams also seek to follow up and build on -going discipleship relationships with students. Some Ladies may choose to open their homes in hospitality at holidays for Students who cannot return overseas.


  • Let us aid your existing ministry, women’s group, or non-profit in reaching the ethnic ladies you encounter more effectively!
  • Training is available in the form of a short session, workshop, several workshops, or larger conference format.
  • For More Information about Christ For All Peoples Women’s Connection or to be connected to our Director, Please contact our office at 704.684.1535, or email us at info@christforallpeoples.org

“Look, I tell you, lift up your eyes, and see that the fields are white for harvest.”

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“Mojdeh was visiting a charity-run clothing store when asked where she was from. She said, Iran.Mojdeh was pleased at the question, and asked Do you have a bilingual book in Farsi and English that would help me speak smooth English? The store clerk told her that she had something even better – the Story of Jesus DVD in both Farsi and English. Mojdeh became very excited, realizing now that she could listen to a story in well-spoken Farsi and then listen to the same story in well-spoken English. She said that it was the perfect tool for her to study over and over!

(Some names and locations have been changed for security reasons)

Kelly Williams

Cincinnati, OH

en English

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